Installation and Planning Tips

Thinking of siding a house? Planning ahead is the smart way to begin your project. Here's where you'll find installation advice to ensure your CanExel makeover is as successful as possible. From the right steps to follow to proper siding installation techniques, we've got your dream home covered!


  • Shelter wrapped and open packages whenever possible to avoid the accumulation of dirt;
  • Keep in the factory wrapper;
  • Keep on factory pallet to avoid warping;
  • Avoid areas where water may accumulate.

Building or Certification Codes

Install in accordance with:

  • ANSI A135.6 Performance Standard
    • Certified by the Composite Panel Association (CPA)
  • Canadian Construction Materials Centre (07893L) Conforms to standard ‘CAN /CGSB-11.5 M87’
  • Refer to your local building code
    • Canadian Installations
      • Section 9.27 of the Canadian National Building Code

Building envelope

  • Siding must be installed over a breathable code-approved barrier (aka House-wrap)
  • Flash and seal in a manner that prevents moisture intrusion and water entrapment
  • Install a code-approved vapour barrier in sheet form to the warm side of the wall where required by local code (sprayed on paint-type vapour barriers are not recommended)
  • Apply code-approved vapour barrier over dirt floors in crawl spaces and basements

Base-line Clearances

  • Minimum ground clearance is 6”
  • Minimum roof-line clearance is 1”
  • Minimum clearance from decks, patios and porches is 1” with a sloped or draining surface
  • Avoid direct contact with vegetation


Furring / Strapping Requirements

Install over code-approved treated furring strips (strapping) :

  • When strapping and nailable sub-assembly (i.e. framing & sheathing) must accommodate a minimum 1.25” nail penetration
  • Over foam sheathing (refer to strapping specifications on page 2 of installation instructions)
  • Over masonry wall assemblies
  • Over residing (old siding must be removed)
  • Diagonally installed Ultra Plank and RW D-5 requires minimum 1” furring.
  • Vertically installed Ultra Plank requires minimum 1” furring.
  • In general, install strapping whenever possible and where codes require


Horizontal installation detail: RW D-5 & Ced’R-Vue (not Ultra Plank)

  • Furring strips (¼” minimum) to be installed vertically.
  • Maximum 16” OC nailed over studs.
  • Both top and bottom of the space between furring strips must be left open.


Vertical installation detail: Ultra Plank only (not Ced’R-Vue or RW D-5)

  • Furring strips (1” actual minimum) to be installed horizontally.
  • Maximum 16” OC nailed into studs.
  • To ensure ventilation the horizontal furring strips must have periodic spacing at abutments.


Diagonal installation detail: Ultra Plank and RW D-5 (not Ced’R-Vue) (see installation instructions for more details)

  • Furring strips (1” actual minimum) must be applied either horizontally or diagonally.
  • When applied horizontally, the furring strips should be spaced 12” OC maximum.
  • When applied diagonally, the furring strips should be spaced 12” OC maximum.
  • Nail spacing of the siding must not exceed 16”.

Furring / Strapping Requirements Cutting

  • Use caution when cutting
  • Use handsaw with fine tooth blade or
  • Power saw with the cutting action toward or into the textured side of the product (this typically involves the siding being cut face down with hand-held circular saws)
  • This reduces chipping and other surface damage
  • When it is necessary to rip or field cut the siding, take care to prime and paint all exposed edges



  • Maximum framing span is 16” (400 mm)
  • May be installed without sheathing
  • Maintain a minimum 1.25” fastener penetration into the stud, strapping, or combination thereof
    • Nailable sheathing may be included in the penetration requirement
    • 1.125” minimum stud penetration for spiral shank.
  • Increase nail penetration if code requires.
  • Blind nailing is required except under windows and along the final course along the top of the wall.
  • Use corrosion-resistant nails with a minimum 0.099” diameter shank and 0.240” head.
  • Fasten along the nail-line no greater than 16” OC.


Joint Assembly

  • All joints must be centred on studs (nailing between studs regardless of sheathing is not allowed).
  • Gap all joints
    • 3/16-inch at windows, doors, corners, butt joints, etc.
  • Dress butt joints with:
    • CanExel Colour-matched 7/8” metal joint moulding, or
    • CanExel Colour-matched sealant.


Care and maintenance

  • Touch up
    • LP CanExel colour-matched touch-up paint should be used to repair small chips and scratches that may occur during installation or handling.
    • Apply with a Q-tip so the paint can be dabbed onto the siding.
  • Care of Prefinished Siding
    • Wash annually using mild non-abrasive household cleaners according to Manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly.



LP strongly recommends the use of LP CanExel colour-matched accessories

  • Joint Moulding
  • Corners (inside & outside)
  • J Channel
  • Drip Cap
  • Z-Flashing / Belt-line
  • Starter strips

Non-Traditional Assemblies

  • In non-traditional ICF and SIP assemblies, the ICF or SIP manufacturer must prescribe the fastening specifications.  Note: LP does not recommend CanExel for use in these non-traditional assemblies.
  • If used, LP will not warrant against buckling and shrinkage.  Balance of warranty will remain intact.     
  • Where metal framing is used, the span must not exceed 16” OC. Use a corrosion-resistant screw with a withdrawal value equivalent to a 0.099” diameter nail with a 1.25” stud penetration.


LP CanExel 5/15/25 Limited Warranty

  • 25 years on Substrate
  • 15 years on Finish
  • 100% Material & Labour Costs (first 5 years)
  • Substrate: Prorated years 6 – 25 (material only)
  • Finish: Prorated years 6-15 (cost to re-coat and/or touch-up)
  • Coverage
    • Manufacturing defects, buckling, cracking, chipping
    • Fade greater than DE8
  • For technical questions, call customer support at
    • (888) 822-8899
    • See warranty for complete details