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3 Simple Steps to Plan Your Siding Project

You may already know that it’s time to re-side your home. But where do you start? Follow these three simple steps to plan your house siding project with LP® CanExel® siding to help ensure that your home looks its best.

  1. Get inspired. Most people get their first impression of your home when they see it from the curb. What do you want your home to say about you? In order to know what you want, you must first explore the possibilities. As you’re commuting to work or taking an evening stroll, pay attention to the homes you pass by. Take note of the cladding on the homes that appeal to you. For more house siding ideas and inspiration, check out the photos in our Gallery.
  2. Choose your colour and style. Once you’ve determined your overall design, it’s time to make decisions about the colour and style of your house siding. Explore all of the Colours available to you and think about which ones complement existing elements of your home, such as brick, stone facades and the roof. Also begin to picture which siding style would look best on your home. Do you prefer Ridgewood D-5™, which has the look of Dutch lap siding? The elegant cedar appearance of Ced’R-Vue®? Or how about versatile Ultra Plank™, which can be installed vertically or diagonally? Whichever colour and style you choose, make sure it says what you want it to say about you.
  3. Visualize your results. Bring your dream to life with our Visualizer tool. Simply choose from a selection of sample homes and then change the house siding colour to complement the roof, windows, doors and trim. Play around until you find your favorite combination. This will help you make an informed decision so you can be confident that you’re getting the look you’ve always wanted.

Find a Retailer to Start Your Home Renovation

We recommend that you buy CanExel prefinished lap siding from an approved retailer. For the largest selection, buy CanExel from preferred dealers that stock our full line of lap siding. To find a retailer near you, enter your postal code on our Where To Buy page.

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Amy Lindholm is the Brand Manager at LP Corp overseeing all Siding brand management activities including strategic plan development, media and digital communication. She has over 15 years of marketing and brand management experience in full-service marketing agencies with an emphasis on brand development, consumer merchandising, and retail sales promotion management working with large blue-chip clients. She also has a B.S. from New York University. She combines two of her loves, travel and racing, to compete in half or full marathons and triathlons across the globe.

9 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to Plan Your Siding Project

  1. Charles Patterson says:

    We are replacing former siding with your wonderful siding ….. easy enough to install until we
    reached the beginning of the roof slant. Previously, this was finished in a diagonal pattern (which we love), but we are having problems configuring the angles along the horizontal and vertical
    lines. Do you have a video that would help us?

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi Charles – thank you for your question! We’d be happy to help. First, could you provide us with additional details on the specific LP CanExel prefinished siding style you’re using – Ridgewood D-5, Ced’R-Vue or UltraPlank? From there, we can provide you with installation guidance. Thank you!

  2. Allan says:

    What do you recommend to allow for waste on your siding?

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi Allan – Thank you for your question! We typically recommend waste be calculated at approximately 5% of the total. We do have a worksheet that can help estimate the amount of LP® CanExel® siding needed to complete your project, which I am happy to send to you via email. Thanks, Allan!

  3. James Froh says:

    Where can I find installation literature? I’m tasked with installing your product on our nordic club’s warm up building and need to start planning a work bee to get the job done.

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi James – You can download installation instructions for LP CanExel Ridgewood D-5 and UltraPlank prefinished lap siding here ( and LP CanExel Ced’R-Vue prefinished lap siding here ( Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. Thank you!

  4. John Richard says:

    Good Evening:

    I am about to purchase Canexel for my garage siding. I have two questions. Firstly my house has horizontal siding on the main floor and vertical on the triangular second floor section under the roof. If I wish to match this look on my garage do I need to use Ridgewood for one section and Ultra Plank for the other? Any suggestions? Could you please send me the worksheet for calculating the amount of siding I will need?

    John Richard

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi John Richard – We’re happy to hear you’re considering LP CanExel prefinished siding for your garage! Yes, if you’d like to achieve a similar look that complements your home, we’d recommend using CanExel UltraPlank for the vertical section(s) and CanExel Ridgewood D-5 for the horizontal section(s).

      To calculate the specific amount of siding you’ll need for your garage, we recommend reaching out to your local contractor/renovator to inquire. You can easily find one in your area using our “Where to Buy” tool here: Please let us know if we can be of additional help. Thank you!

  5. Allan Perreault says:

    Good Day. I am planning on residing my house with your Ridgewood D-5 style, now the retailer I am going through has no display of the product because of showroom space. I would like to see more info on the different kinds of corner product I could use both inside and outside corners. Also what would you use to seal the ends that go under the eves of the roof. My product is now about 35 yrs. old and is worn out so I need to replace the whole house. But I want something to set my house off you may say. Look forward from hearing from you.

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