Cedrvue in Cedar

Discover the Distinctive Siding Styles of LP® CanExel®

Your siding should be as unique as your home. LP® CanExel® siding offers three distinctive siding styles and a variety of colours for each profile, so you can choose a look that fits your taste and personality exactly. Every profile features a deeply textured, authentic wood-grain appearance for a warm, distinguished look, and can be personalized with your choice of many premium colours. We think you will find CanExel siding delivers the expertly-crafted options you can count on to make your home a masterpiece.

CanExel Ridgewood D-5™

Ridgewood D5 in SierraLP CanExel Ridgewood D-5 lap siding has the genuine look and warm appeal of Dutch lap siding. It comes in standard 12-foot planks that create the carefully-crafted appearance of narrow, five-inch lap siding, yet are easy to install. Not only is Ridgewood D-5 attractive, it offers exceptional durability in the face of harsh Canadian weather. We think you will find that this siding profile is a true standout.

CanExel Ced’R-Vue®

Cedrvue in CedarLP CanExel Ced’R-Vue lap siding delivers the stunning durability and beauty of cedar without many of the drawbacks. It’s better than cedar siding because it can stand up to intense sun but will not stain when exposed to rain, snow and other forms of moisture. Cedar lap siding requires expensive upkeep, while Ced’R-Vue engineered wood siding only needs simple maintenance and stays looking great for years. It comes in standard 12-foot planks with a nine-inch width.

CanExel UltraPlank™

Ultraplank in acadiaLP CanExel UltraPlank lap siding combines style and versatility in a 12-inch-wide plank that can be installed vertically or diagonally for real architectural impact. Vertical siding provides a traditional look while the diagonal siding delivers a more contemporary feel. No matter your style, you can express it well with CanExel UltraPlank siding.

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