CanExel prefinished siding

How to Estimate the Cost of House Siding

The cost of remodeling a home’s exterior with LP® CanExel® prefinished siding will vary based on the total square footage and type of materials needed. Some remodelers have programs and software that help cost out materials for a re-side, but if you need to prepare an estimate quickly, follow these steps to determine the approximate cost.

  1. Draw a Diagram

Draw a diagram of each exterior wall of the home on a separate piece of graph paper using separate geometric shapes. Draw rectangles or squares to represent the lower walls and triangles for the gables and upper areas below the roof.

  1. Measure the Exterior Walls

Get a ballpark measurement by disregarding doors and windows. Measure the height and width of each rectangle/square area on each wall of the house. Measure the base and height of all triangle areas. Mark these measurements on the corresponding shapes on the graph paper diagrams.

  1. Determine the Area

Determine the area of each exterior wall by multiplying the height by the width of each square/rectangular area and then writing the result on your diagram. Next, multiply the height by the base of each triangle and then multiply the answer by 0.50. Write the results in the centre of each triangle on your diagram.

  1. Add It Up

Add the areas of each square, rectangle and triangle on your diagram. The total is the approximate exterior square footage of the home.

  1. Determine a House Siding Style

CanExel prefinished siding comes in three styles – Ridgewood D-5™Ced’R-Vue® and UltraPlank™. All three styles come in standard 12-foot planks; however, CanExel Ridgewood D-5 and UltraPlank have a 12-inch width, while Ced’R-Vue has a 9-inch width. The different widths will affect how much siding you ultimately need.

  1. Consult a Distributor

Find where to buy CanExel prefinished siding near you to determine the price of the siding style selected. Multiply the cost per plank of house siding by the number of planks required based on the exterior square footage of the home. If you need help with the calculations, your local CanExel distributor will have additional tools and programs to help you understand how much siding you’ll need for a job.

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