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Why a Full Siding Tear-Off is (Almost Always) the Best Option

Homeowners are often amazed at how replacing worn, outdated siding improves the look and value of their home. According to the Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, siding replacement consistently ranks as one of the top choices for home improvements that increase home value. In 2016, exterior siding replacement posted a 77% average return on investment. However, homeowners need to know that the job must be done right if they want to recoup their money.

Do It Right – Or Not at All

When bidding a siding replacement job, a contractor can offer two options: side over the existing siding with a new material, or do a complete siding tear-off to remove and dispose of the old material, install housewrap and hang new siding material. Obviously the latter choice will be more expensive, and for homeowners with a tight budget, the idea of saving money by opting for a side-over can be tempting.

However, it’s almost never a good idea to go over existing siding when performing siding replacement, for the following reasons.

  • Old siding can disguise numerous problems within the exterior walls including rot, water damage, deteriorated insulation, electrical issues and more. These kinds of hidden damage can cause more serious issues down the road that can be very costly to repair.
  • Hanging new siding over existing lap siding often results in an uneven surface. There may be waves or bulges at the old siding joints, and rows that are out of alignment due to having to follow the old siding alignment. If the old siding starts warping or cracking underneath new siding, additional bulges can develop.
  • Siding over builds the house out, causing windows to be recessed. This looks unattractive, obstructs the view from the window and increases the likelihood of water leaks around the window frame.
  • Siding over may cause the old siding to act as a vapor barrier, trapping moisture within the walls and promoting rot, mold and other moisture issues.
  • The manufacturer may not provide a warranty on siding that is installed over another siding layer. If you are interested in installing new siding over old siding, it is recommended that you research the new siding manufacturer’s warranty for coverage.

Learn More About LP® CanExel® Exterior Siding

It’s best to weigh the pros and cons and consider which approach – full tear-off or reside over existing siding – is the best long-term solution. For more installation recommendations from LP, visit www.CanExel.ca or contact an approved CanExel retailer.

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