Cleaning gutters during the summer time on a older home.

Get Your Home Ready for Spring with These 6 Outdoor Maintenance Tips

Hints of Spring are in the air across most of Canada, and although this winter hasn’t been particularly harsh, you’re probably ready to welcome warmer days and greener views. This also means that it’s time to give the exterior of your home some TLC to help it recover from the abuse of Old Man Winter. Before you get out the patio furniture and fire up the barbeque, follow these tips.

Check the roof. Perform a visual inspection of your roof for wind, snow and ice damage. Check that the roof shingles are secure, and that flashing around chimneys, skylights and vents appears to be tight. If anything is damaged or missing, call a professional roofing contractor for assistance.

Mind your gutters and downspouts. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters in the spring will keep them from clogging and allow them to move water away from where it causes damage. If dry leaves, twigs and other debris build up in gutters and downspouts, water is forced back up under the roof and fascia, and may cause rot and interior leaks if not addressed. Water overflowing gutters can also end up next to your foundation, where it may flood the basement or crawlspace and cause expensive structural damage.

Inspect siding. Look for evidence of peeling paint and rot on wood, and mold on vinyl siding. Pay close attention to the areas that are most susceptible to water intrusion and rot, such as trim and the siding near the roof and gutter system and under windows. If you have CanExel® siding with minor nicks, chips or stains, contact an approved LP® CanExel dealer for repairs or information about paint touch-ups.

Repair cracks. The freeze/thaw cycle can cause major damage to concrete and asphalt driveways, patios and even your home’s foundation. Inspect each area for potential problems. Fill cracks and damaged areas on driveways and patios, and reseal driveways if needed. Call for professional repair of cracks in foundation walls to avoid water leaks in your basement during periods of heavy rainfall.

Inspect the air conditioner and outdoor fixtures. Spring may not be when most of us start thinking about air conditioning, but it’s a great time to make sure your entire system is prepared for the arrival of summer. Not only is an inspection by a certified professional a good safety measure, routine maintenance will also prolong the life of your unit. Also inspect the condition of outdoor faucets, electrical outlets and lights.

Clean and repair the deck. Do a quick check to be sure your deck is level and the support posts have not deteriorated. Check wood boards for rot and replace if necessary. Wash the deck surface to remove any mold or mildew, and stain or seal if needed.

Get Expert Siding Installation or Repair

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Amy Lindholm is the Brand Manager at LP Corp overseeing all Siding brand management activities including strategic plan development, media and digital communication. She has over 15 years of marketing and brand management experience in full-service marketing agencies with an emphasis on brand development, consumer merchandising, and retail sales promotion management working with large blue-chip clients. She also has a B.S. from New York University. She combines two of her loves, travel and racing, to compete in half or full marathons and triathlons across the globe.

5 thoughts on “Get Your Home Ready for Spring with These 6 Outdoor Maintenance Tips

  1. James Bergman says:

    I agree that you should take care of cracks in your foundation as soon as you find them. They are one of the things that scare me the most when I find them. I just don’t want my house to be unstable or be prone to flooding. Fortunately, I have been told that most of the cracks you find are normal and happen when the house settles. You only have to worry if they continue growing.

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Thanks, James!

  2. Drew says:

    Good tip to check your roof. You have no idea what kind of damage occurred over the winter but you don’t want to risk a major leak with all of the rain that will come down during the spring.

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Thanks, Drew!

  3. Danni Black says:

    I really like your tip “inspect the siding.” I think that that is something that a lot of people overlook so it’s always a good idea to give it a once over. My husband and I are thinking about getting some new vinyl siding in the next few months so we will have to keep these tips in mind so that we can have the best yard possible!

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