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How to Make Your Engineered Wood Siding Shine for Under $20

LP® CanExel® engineered wood exterior siding is manufactured with an advanced multi-coat, heat-cured finish using premium Valspar® paints. All CanExel siding finishes are long-wearing and require only simple maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.

Expert Cleaning Tips

It is important to properly clean your CanExel engineered lap siding periodically to maintain its appearance, and to prevent mold and mildew damage. Follow these tips.

  • Keep your home siding looking its best by washing annually with a solution of mild detergent and water. Use a sponge, cloth or soft brush to wash the surface, and rinse off residue using a garden hose.
  • Do not use abrasive household cleaners to clean your LP CanExel prefinished siding. Prior to use, test cleaners on a small area to ensure they do not damage the finish.
  • Do not use a pressure washer to clean CanExel engineered wood siding. High-pressure washing can force water underneath siding and damage the paint finish.
  • Engineered wood exterior siding that is not cleaned regularly is prone to mold and mildew growth. A solution of three parts water to one part white vinegar can be used to remove light mold and mildew stains.
  • Rinse the siding surface thoroughly after cleaning.
  • If necessary, hire a professional siding contractor to make repairs to LP CanExel siding. He can also provide you with matching paint to touch-up chips and small imperfections in the finish.

Questions?  We’re Here to Help

CanExel professionals are here to answer any questions you may have about our products. Simply contact us or call our Customer Service department at (888) 820-0325. For siding installation or repairs, contact a CanExel dealer or retailer near you!

Valspar® is a registered trademark of The Valspar Corporation. LP and CanExel are registered trademarks of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation.

Amy Lindholm is the Brand Manager at LP Corp overseeing all Siding brand management activities including strategic plan development, media and digital communication. She has over 15 years of marketing and brand management experience in full-service marketing agencies with an emphasis on brand development, consumer merchandising, and retail sales promotion management working with large blue-chip clients. She also has a B.S. from New York University. She combines two of her loves, travel and racing, to compete in half or full marathons and triathlons across the globe.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Your Engineered Wood Siding Shine for Under $20

  1. Matt Dratva says:

    How often does it need cleaning? I was hoping to stay away from any yearly maintenance. We will be living on the East coast so wondering if this product may not be a good idea? Or will the salt air make it appear dirty quicker?

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi Matt – We do recommend cleaning your LP CanExel prefinished siding once a year to help reduce dirt and mildew. As far as your East Coast location, LP CanExel has been engineered and tested to perform in extreme outdoor climates, which includes coastal regions all over North America. You shouldn’t need to worry about additional cleaning (beyond once per year) in this region. We hope this helps – thank you!

  2. Brian Arnal says:

    We have CanExel siding on our cottage and boathouse. We’ve had the siding for a few years and it still looks very good. We have had some need to refit a few of the metal straps which cover the seams. Not a big deal. The question is can you paint the siding? I have a “pony wall” around the cottage which has vertical CanExel siding. I would like to differentiate the pony wall from the siding. Can it be done and if so what type of paint and what pre painting treatment would be required?

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi Brian – LP CanExel siding products are factory finished with Valspar paint, although LP does not require any specific paint brand to be used when refinishing our siding.

      On slick, unweathered siding surfaces it is wise to apply a first coat of oil-base (alkyd) primer followed by a second coat of water-base latex. These types of paints are readily available in most major hardware and paint stores. A store representative should also be able to assist with paint color matching for your siding. (Note that if painted surfaces have started to peel, ALL peeling must be scraped or sanded off before re-coating, as paint will not “glue down” the old, peeling coating.)

      If you’d like to retouch small areas, you can find color-matched touch-up paint or stain for your LP CanExel prefinished siding through Aluminum Depot at http://www.aluminiumdepotinc.com. We hope this helps. Thank you!

  3. james says:

    Hi I have your smart cedar look panels and got a can of touch up piant provided by you company with no markings on it is it all in one paint that needs no primer or does it need primer frist please let me know

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi James – thanks for your question! On slick, unweathered siding surfaces, it is best to apply a first coat of oil-base (alkyd) primer. If painted surfaces have started to peel, ALL peeling must be scraped or sanded off before re-coating, as paint will not “glue down” the old, peeling coating. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

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