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Traditional Wood vs. Engineered Wood Siding: Understanding the Differences

Previously we compared the characteristics of engineered wood siding to two other popular siding materials, vinyl and fiber cement. Now let’s take a look at the most important differences between traditional wood clapboard or shingle-style siding and its successor, engineered wood siding.

Many homeowners are still drawn to the beauty and charm of traditional wood for a home exterior. It can be added in both horizontal and vertical profiles, as well as individual shakes and shingles. Cedar and redwood are the species that offer the best resistance to rot, but without careful exterior maintenance including caulking, scraping, and painting or staining, wood may quickly weather and decay.

LP® CanExel® engineered wood siding improves on all the characteristics of natural wood, which is why it has been a top choice of builders, architects, remodelers and homeowners for more than 40 years.

Composition. LP CanExel siding begins with wood fibers that are completely coated with industrial-grade resin binders and special water-resistant waxes for enhanced durability in Canadian environments. These additions give the CanExel substrate the strength of wood while creating far greater resistance to moisture and rot.

Maintenance. Maintaining wood siding is costly and time-consuming. LP CanExel siding is prefinished with advanced, industrial-strength Valspar® paint. Multiple layers of paint are heat-cured on the siding and edge-sealed with a clear protectant, so the substrate resists splitting and cracking. It’s all backed by a 25-year substrate warranty and a 15-year finish warranty.

Durability. Wood might warp and crack in extreme temperatures.  CanExel products are subjected to ongoing research to continuously improve performance. They perform well even when exposed to extreme cold, intense heat, severe impact and more.

Pricing. Installation of wood siding is expensive compared to other siding materials, and the cost of ongoing maintenance can add thousands to the final price tag. Engineered wood can be less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional wood siding.

CanExel®: A Tried-and-True Brand

When you choose authentic CanExel prefinished siding, you’re getting modern innovation in a tried-and-true brand with a one-of-a-kind appearance and outstanding durability. Learn more and check out samples at a preferred dealer near you.

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