Canexel engineered wood siding compared to vinyl siding

Vinyl vs. Engineered Wood Siding: Understanding the Differences

Every spring and summer, remodelers and contractors get phone calls from homeowners looking to replace their house siding with something easy to maintain. Often these customers inquire about vinyl siding and engineered wood siding, trying to understand the differences between the two materials. Here are the most important points to make.

Why Engineered Wood Stands Out

To choose the best cladding product for a project, it’s important to know the facts. When you compare vinyl with LP® CanExel® engineered wood siding, you’ll see why CanExel siding has been installed on so many Canadian homes over the past 40 years.

Composition. Vinyl is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin with color mixed into the material. Because of its relatively thin composition, vinyl siding may give the appearance of being flimsy. Engineered wood is made of wood fiber combined with resin binders for strength and water-resistant waxes for enhanced durability in Canadian environments.

Wood-grain texture. Due to its minimal thickness, vinyl siding may not have a true woodlike appearance.. A pressing process creates the authentic textured look of real cedar on LP CanExel products. This step utilizes a wide variation of patterns and designs for a signature wood grain texture.

Impact resistance. Vinyl is prone to denting, cracking, and it may be more prone to get holes from impact. CanExel siding offers incredible resistance to impact damage, in addition to cracking, splitting, warping, splintering and buckling.

Heat resistance. Vinyl has been to known to buckle in very hot temperatures. CanExel has been successfully tested in seven extreme outdoor climates to ensure it can withstand the most punishing conditions and still perform beautifully.

Pricing. Vinyl and engineered wood are often comparable in price.

You Can Tell It’s CanExel®

The next time a homeowners inquires about vinyl and engineered wood siding, be sure to tell them which material is the best and most durable choice. See all the options for building and remodeling at a preferred dealer near you.

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