LP® CanExel® UltraPlank™ vertical siding

How to Use Vertical Siding in Home Design

Vertical siding has been rising in popularity in recent years due to its fresh look and the ability to complement many home styles. It can be used to add an edge to a contemporary home, or as an eye-catching accent alongside traditional lap siding. With LP® CanExel® UltraPlank™ vertical siding, you have many beautiful options

CanExel prefinished siding

How to Estimate the Cost of House Siding

The cost of remodeling a home’s exterior with LP® CanExel® prefinished siding will vary based on the total square footage and type of materials needed. Some remodelers have programs and software that help cost out materials for a re-side, but if you need to prepare an estimate quickly, follow these steps to determine the approximate