Stucco vs. Engineered Wood Siding: Understanding the Differences

In certain regions of Canada – particularly the Toronto area – stucco is a popular exterior wall system. Previously we examined the differences between engineered wood lap siding and vinyl, fiber cement and traditional wood siding materials. Now let’s compare the features of stucco and engineered wood. Continue reading

How to Use Vertical Siding in Home Design

Vertical siding has been rising in popularity in recent years due to its fresh look and the ability to complement many home styles. It can be used to add an edge to a contemporary home, or as an eye-catching accent alongside traditional lap siding. With LP® CanExel® UltraPlank™ vertical siding, you have many beautiful options to make your home’s exterior stand out.

t-32.tlx vertical siding ultraplankUse Vertical Siding as the Primary Siding Profile

A vertical siding orientation is a sure way to add visual punch to your home design, and a particularly effective way to add character to a house that lacks architectural details. The beauty of vertical siding is that it adds a unique look to an exterior without being too trendy. Clean lines make it a smart choice for strong, contemporary designs.

Use Vertical Siding as an Accent

Many architects and designers like to mix things up and use a combination of vertical and horizontal lap siding to achieve a varied look. While traditional lap siding is ideal for long spans along the side and back of a home, vertical siding is the perfect way to emphasize height on low porch walls, gables or dormers, or to lend drama to an entryway. It also makes a great accent on the second floor of a house.

Find an Experienced Installer

Installation of vertical siding is more complex than traditional siding installation due to extra precautions that must be taken to prevent water leakage between the panels. When opting for this style, builders and homeowners should look for an experienced CanExel siding installation contractor to handle their project. For more information about UltraPlank vertical siding – featuring the deeply textured, signature wood grain that CanExel is known for – contact your nearest dealer.

Why a Full Siding Tear-Off is (Almost Always) the Best Option

Homeowners are often amazed at how replacing worn, outdated siding improves the look and value of their home. According to the Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, siding replacement consistently ranks as one of the top choices for home improvements that increase home value. In 2016, exterior siding replacement posted a 77% average return on investment. However, homeowners need to know that the job must be done right if they want to recoup their money. Continue reading