2016 discontinued LP CanExel siding colours

Four Colours to be Retired from CanExel® Product Line

Market trends and consumer tastes go through a natural evolution, and it’s important for the LP® CanExel® product line to keep pace. This is why we’ve recently done some extensive market and data analysis to make sure that we continue to offer only the most relevant colour palette to valued CanExel customers.

Change is Good

As a result of this research, earlier this year we launched two beautiful new colours, Barista and Red Fox, and in late 2016 we will be introducing two additional colours to the CanExel® product line. By the same token, we’ve found that four of our colours just aren’t very popular anymore, so we’ll be discontinuing these colours as of June 30, 2016.

The discontinued colours are:

  • Autumn Gold
  • Cream
  • Dutch Green
  • Pine Forest

See Our Rich Siding Colours for Yourself

LP®CanExel siding continues to offer one of the broadest residential prefinished siding colour lines available in Canada. LP CanExel prefinished engineered wood siding is manufactured with an advanced heat-cured, multi-coat finish using premium Valspar® paints for unmatched beauty.

Refer to our colour guide to find the siding colour that’s the perfect complement to your home and neighborhood. You can also find an authorized CanExel retailer near you to order siding samples and get your favorite colour installed on your home!

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Amy Lindholm is the Brand Manager at LP Corp overseeing all Siding brand management activities including strategic plan development, media and digital communication. She has over 15 years of marketing and brand management experience in full-service marketing agencies with an emphasis on brand development, consumer merchandising, and retail sales promotion management working with large blue-chip clients. She also has a B.S. from New York University. She combines two of her loves, travel and racing, to compete in half or full marathons and triathlons across the globe.

2 thoughts on “Four Colours to be Retired from CanExel® Product Line

  1. Warren F. Brinkman says:

    Good morning,
    We purchased CanExcel about 6 or 7 years ago. Colour then was Pine Green. How do I access the same colour to infill where renovations have taken place. Can you advise of a remedy as it is no longer available from my building supplier? Thank you.

    1. Amy Lindholm says:

      Hi Warren – On slick, unweathered siding surfaces, we suggest you apply a first coat of oil-base (alkyd) primer followed by a second coat of water-base latex. These types of paints are readily available in most major hardware and paint stores. A store representative should also be able to assist with paint color matching to achieve a colour close to the original Pine Green. (Note that if painted surfaces have started to peel, ALL peeling must be scraped or sanded off before re-coating, as paint will not “glue down” the old, peeling coating.)

      If you’d like to retouch small areas, you may also find color-matched touch-up paint or stain for your LP CanExel prefinished siding through Aluminum Depot at http://www.aluminiumdepotinc.com. Thank you!

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