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A Legacy You Can Trust

When renovating the exterior of your home, insist on premium LP® CanExel® prefinished siding. It’s a tried-and-true brand with a legendary reputation for delivering a one-of-a-kind appearance and outstanding durability.

Ced'R-Vue®: Trusted Innovator
CanExel Prefinished Siding

Expect More

For more than 40 years, people have trusted our prefinished siding to helps protect and improve the appearance of their homes. CanExel prefinished lap siding has a beautiful finish, authentic wood-grain look and ability to stand up to decades of harsh weather. That’s the difference you can expect. That’s how you can tell it’s CanExel.

You Can Tell Its Canexel Icon

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The choices you make about your home speak volumes about your personal style and expectations. When you choose authentic CanExel prefinished siding, you’re letting your home speak for you. It says that you insist on the authentic beauty and lasting durability of LP CanExel siding.

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