: Ridgewood D-5
: Ridgewood D-5
: Ridgewood D-5
: Ridgewood D-5
: Ridgewood D-5
: Ridgewood D-5

LP CanExel Ridgewood D-5 ™

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LP® CanExel’s Ridgewood D-5™ has the genuine look of Dutch lap siding. The multi-lap planks provide the appearance of narrow 5-inch laps but come in standard 12-foot planks that are easy to install. This product also features CanExel’s authentic wood-grain texture for a warm, distinguished look that can be personalized with your choice of colours. Not only is Ridgewood D-5 attractive, it offers lasting durability in harsh Canadian weather. We believe you’ll agree that this lap siding is a true standout.

  • Deeply textured, signature wood grain that CanExel siding is known for
  • Innovative installation system for a striking appearance
  • Standard 12-foot-long planks distinguished by a central groove that gives the appearance of two 5-inch planks

Ridgewood D-5 Specs And Installation

Length Nominal Width Nominal Thickness
12 ft. (3.66m) 12 in. (30.48cm) 7/16 in. (1.11cm)

Installation Support: 1-615-986-5754